Do you know the service life of the aluminum sheet?

There is no problem with the use of aluminum plate itself for several decades, but the shelf life of aluminum plate is mainly for the surface treatment of aluminum plate, that is, how long the color of aluminum plate can be guaranteed.

Aluminum plate life actually is affected by many elements, if it is used in indoor, use long time than the outdoor use many, in some outdoor use come to experience the wind and rain, and, for a long time in such an environment, even surface through many layers of spray processing, also has the corresponding influence, In addition, aluminum plate also needs maintenance. If maintenance is appropriate, it will increase the use time. The actual use time of aluminum plate still depends on where it is used and whether it has done a good job in maintenance and so on.

There are three kinds of spraying methods for the surface treatment of aluminum plate, which are divided into electrostatic powder spraying, polyester spraying and fluorocarbon spraying. The shelf life of each spraying method is also different, and the suitable place is also different. Therefore, purchasing aluminum plate should also master the basic characteristics of aluminum plate:

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is mainly used outdoors, also known as curtain wall aluminum veneer. Under normal circumstances, the service life is 10-30 years and it is not easy to change color.

Poly polyester aluminum veneer is mainly suitable for indoor, the normal service life is: 5-15 years is not easy to change color.

Electrostatic powder aluminum veneer used in the indoor, the normal use of life for 5-10 years is not easy to change color.

From this point of view, the performance of fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer products in the service life is still very prominent, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer in the price will be higher than the last two kinds of aluminum veneer prices, of course, this still depends on what is the customer's demand for the use of products.