What are the difficulties in the production and processing of hyperbolic fluorocarbon aluminum veneer?

In the field of aluminum veneer production and manufacturing, the cost of hyperbolic fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is high and the manufacturing time is relatively long. Only professional and mechanical equipment can not necessarily produce satisfactory goods. There are two key manufacturing problems in the production of hyperbolic fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, one is sheet metal, one is paint spraying.

1. sheet metal

In the sheet metal stage, the hyperbolic plate is difficult to manufacture and shape. In order to produce a satisfactory hyperbolic fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, it is better to choose 3 series of aluminum substrate, its flexibility and manufacturing index can ensure the completion of the hyperbolic effect. There are many ways to produce hyperbolic products, and there are many articles on the Internet to discuss them professionally. The feasible ones are in a few parts. Some of them are difficult to produce and operate.

2. the spraying

Sheet metal and spraying will consume a lot of human resources, which is part of the reason for its long manufacturing time, so you can mass produce and process this kind of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer and can promise short-term delivery, are not credible.